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Agricultural Products

At Safeline we aim at helping our farmers have access to funds, agricultural tools and implements. All our agricultural loans are in compliance with the ACGS of the CBN and are fully insured with NAIC. Our products include: Safeline Farm Enrichment Loan
This product offers crop farmers, livestock farmers, arable farmers, plantation owners including subsistence farmers’ access to loans for their respective farming activities. read more>>

Capacity Building

Our bank also offers training and development programs to Small and Medium Entrepreneurs. We also help to finance training programs, courses, seminars and workshops for our clients towards improved and best practices in business.

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Healthline Loan

Health is wealth. Our Healthline loan facility is available for:
•Our loan clients who have health challenges or who suddenly falls ill.
•Our micro customers who experience some severe ailment in the family The facility is therefore meant to help them out in their situation while not touching or affecting their source of income and. read more>>


In addition to our course of microfinance banking services, we also render the following services to our stakeholders:

  1. Fund management for individuals, organizations and charitable societies
  2. Anti-poverty schemes management for governments, agencies, societies and organizations
Programme monitoring and reporting